Crystal Maze Experience London

Embark on an exhilarating journey at the Crystal Maze Experience in London. Test your skills, solve challenges, and conquer themed zones in this immersive adventure. Book your tickets now and experience the ultimate thrill of the Crystal Maze. Fun for all ages!

London has a wide variety of immersive experiences that take tourists to various settings and times. From the upbeat setting of Mamma Mia! The Party, where attendees are encouraged to join the cast and sing along to ABBA’s greatest hits, to the adrenaline-pumping difficulties of The Crystal Maze, where players must overcome a number of physical and mental tasks to win the game. The BBC Earth Experience takes visitors on a trip through the wonders of the natural world for those looking for a more educational encounter. In contrast, immersive theatrical productions like War of the Worlds and the Murder Express put the audience in the middle of the action. Visitors are able to completely immerse themselves in the worlds produced by these outstanding plays thanks to these one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences.

Crystal Maze Experience

Crystal Maze Experience London

Based on the iconic TV show of the same name, The Crystal Maze Experience is a well-liked tourist destination in London that provides tourists with an immersive and thrilling adventure. Your physical and mental abilities will be tested as you progress through a series of chores and puzzles that are all contained within a complexly themed maze.

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22 – 32 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 7EU


Tues to Thurs – 1pm to 9pm
Weekends – 10am to 9pm


Top Highlights

  • Unique challenges: The Crystal Maze Experience offers a variety of original and difficult games that are intended to test your physical and mental prowess. Each task offers a different kind of exam that will keep you interested and intrigued, from crawling through tiny tunnels to solving complicated riddles.
  • Team-building: The Crystal Maze Experience is a fantastic team-building experience that promotes communication and teamwork among team members. Team members will need to cooperate to overcome a range of obstacles that call for various skill sets in order to succeed and navigate the maze in a timely manner.
  • Retro fun: The Crystal Maze Experience is a nostalgic homage to the well-known 90s television programme that many people may recall from their youth. With its themed zones and challenges that adhere to the show’s original framework, the experience perfectly captures the essence of the programme, providing for an enjoyable and thrilling trip down memory lane.
  • Immersive experience: The Crystal Maze Experience’s settings and ambiance are very immersive, taking you right away to a different universe. You’ll feel like you’re in a show the instant you enter the maze, and the lavish sets and themed puzzles further heighten the thrill of the adventure.
  • Experienced host: Your team is guided by a seasoned guide who will assist you in navigating the maze and keep you interested throughout the activity. The guides will improve the whole experience and guarantee that you have a fantastic time with their engaging personality and in-depth understanding of the obstacles.

Why Go?

  • Unique date night: For couples looking for a special and unforgettable date night experience, The Crystal Maze Experience offers a thrilling and exciting atmosphere. The trials will strengthen your relationship and forge enduring memories, whether you test your abilities in the Aztec or futuristic zones.
  • Fun birthday party idea: Having a birthday celebration at the Crystal Maze Experience is a memorable and engaging way to celebrate with loved ones. Everyone can find a challenge to complete thanks to the range of options, and the game’s competitive atmosphere guarantees a memorable birthday celebration.
  • Corporate events: The Crystal Maze Experience is an excellent team-building exercise for corporate events that promotes cooperation and teamwork in a fun and interesting way. The challenges will bring colleagues together in a distinctive and stimulating atmosphere and test a variety of skills, from problem-solving to physical agility.
  • Stag/Hen parties: Stag and hen parties will like the Crystal Maze Experience if they’re searching for something unique to do. Everyone will enjoy this unique activity, and the challenges’ competitive atmosphere fosters strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Family outing: For families with older kids or teenagers looking for a fun day out together, The Crystal Maze Experience is the ideal activity. The challenges will bring out everyone’s competitive side and help you spend quality time together while making enduring memories. Also, the experience’s immersive settings and atmosphere make for a distinctive and thrilling day out.

Further Details

The Crystal Maze Experience is situated in the centre of London’s Islington neighbourhood of Angel. Angel Tube Station, which is close by, is a short walk from the location, making public transportation a breeze. Many bus routes stop close by as well.

The Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic, and Medieval zones make up the four themed zones that make up The Crystal Maze Experience. Each zone is made up of a number of connected rooms, each of which presents a different challenge or puzzle that must be resolved in order to go on to the next.

The tasks combine physical and cerebral riddles to test your ability to work in a team, solve problems, and be physically agile. While some difficulties call for teamwork, others demand your unique abilities.

You will encounter a final challenge that needs to be finished within a set amount of time at the conclusion of each zone. If you are successful, you will get a crystal that can be used to buy time in the last challenge zone.

The Crystal Dome is the last challenge area where you can try to gather as many gold tokens as you can in a predetermined length of time. You must use your physical agility and teamwork to catch as many tokens as you can before the timer expires. The tokens are dangling in the air.

The Crystal Maze Experience is an immersive and interactive journey that lets you enter the setting of the popular television programme. With a variety of puzzles and tasks to test your talents, the experience is meant to be both tough and thrilling.

A Maze Master will lead the event and direct you through the maze as well as offer instructions and pointers as needed. The Maze Master enhances the whole experience by fostering a lively and interesting environment.

The Crystal Maze Experience is appropriate for social gatherings with friends and family as well as business functions. It is a terrific method to strengthen relationships with friends and family as well as a memorable and enjoyable team-building exercise for business occasions.

For those seeking an immersive and thrilling journey, The Crystal Maze Experience in London is a must-see attraction. The experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable thanks to its mix of physical and mental challenges, themed zones, and the iconic Crystal Dome. So gather your loved ones, purchase your tickets, and prepare to navigate the maze!