Bunker 51 London

Immerse yourself in the ultimate adrenaline-fueled adventure at Bunker 51 in London. Step into a post-apocalyptic world and test your skills in thrilling laser tag battles, escape rooms, and immersive VR experiences. Challenge your friends, colleagues, or family to an action-packed day of excitement and teamwork. With state-of-the-art facilities and immersive storylines, Bunker 51 guarantees an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers of all ages. Plan your visit today and unleash your inner hero at Bunker 51 in London.

There are many fun choices available in London if you’re looking for group activities. For groups looking for some high-intensity action, Bunker 51 offers an immersive and exhilarating laser tag experience. Go Ape is a well-known outdoor adventure park with thrilling activities including zip lining and obstacle courses in the trees. Visit Electric Shuffle, a distinctive shuffleboard bar with a contemporary twist, for something a little more relaxed. With roller skating, bowling, and delectable food and drink all in one location, Queens Skate Dine Bowl is a dependable choice for groups. Last but not least, Teamsport Go Karting London is a fantastic choice for competitive groups that want some friendly competition. These London activities are certain to deliver an outstanding experience, regardless of your group’s interests.

Bunker 51: A Thrilling Underground Adventure

London Group Activities Bunker 51

Go no further than Bunker 51 for a distinctive and thrilling experience in London. This underground adventure centre is situated in Greenwich, close to the centre of London, and it provides exciting activities for people of all ages. An underground location called Bunker 51 was first constructed as a Cold War nuclear bunker. The bunker was outfitted with everything needed to keep people alive for up to three months and was built to protect them from a nuclear assault.

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3 Herringham Rd, London SE7 8NJ


Weekdays – 10am to 10pm
Weekends – 10am to 10pm


Top Highlights

  • Laser Tag: The laser tag arena at Bunker 51 is a replica of a post-apocalyptic city, complete with wreckage and abandoned structures. Players can keep track of their score and progress during the game thanks to the cutting-edge equipment.
  • Airsoft: Bunker 51’s airsoft arena is set out to simulate an abandoned factory, complete with barriers and cover that players can employ in a variety of game types.
  • Virtual reality: Bunker 51 uses the best VR technology to provide a variety of immersive virtual reality experiences, such as first-person shooter games and escape rooms.
  • Unusual Venue: Bunker 51 is located underground in a historic Cold War nuclear bunker, which heightens the energy and ambiance there.
  • Corporate Events and Parties: Bunker 51 is a well-liked location for corporate events and celebrations, providing a variety of packages for team-building exercises, meetings, and private parties. The location is fully furnished with catering and Audiovisual tools to ensure the success of your event.

Why Go?

  • Unparalleled Experience: Bunker 51 provides a really unmatched experience that is unavailable elsewhere in London. The activities are held in an old nuclear bunker, which heightens the thrill and atmosphere.
  • Thrilling Activities: Bunker 51 offers a variety of exhilarating activities, such as laser tag, airsoft, and virtual reality encounters. These pursuits are ideal for social gatherings, family gatherings, and business occasions.
  • Latest Technology: Bunker 51 makes use of modern technology in all of their operations to give you the finest experience possible. This includes the gear used for laser tag, airsoft weaponry, and VR devices.
  • Excellent for Parties and Business Events: Bunker 51 is a well-liked location for parties and business functions. For conferences, private parties, and team-building exercises, they provide a variety of packages. Everything required to ensure the success of your event is present at the location.
  • Convenient Location: Bunker 51 is conveniently situated in Greenwich, not far from the centre of London. This makes it simple to reach and ideal for combining with other nearby activities.

Further Details

The bunker has recently been transformed into a cutting-edge entertainment space that offers a variety of thrilling activities like laser tag, airsoft, and virtual reality experiences. The location is ideal for social gatherings, family gatherings, and business occasions.

Laser tag is one of the most well-liked games in Bunker 51. The location offers a variety of different game styles, ranging from simple objective-based games to more complicated team combat. The laser tag field is made to resemble a post-apocalyptic city, complete with wreckage and abandoned structures. Modern laser tag equipment is used at the location, allowing players to maintain score and track their progress during the game.

Airsoft, which is comparable to paintball but uses plastic pellets rather than paint, is also available at Bunker 51. Gamers engage in combat in a range of various game types while armed with weapons and safety gear that seem genuine. The airsoft field is made to resemble a deserted factory, complete with barriers and cover.

Bunker 51 also provides virtual reality activities for individuals seeking a more engrossing adventure. These include everything from first-person shooter games to virtual reality escape rooms. Modern VR technology is used at the location, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the gaming universe.

Bunker 51 is also a popular venue for corporate events and parties. The venue offers a range of different packages, including team building activities, conference facilities, and private parties. The venue is fully equipped with everything needed to make your event a success, including catering and AV equipment.

Bunker 51 is a truly unique and exciting venue in London, offering a range of thrilling activities that are perfect for groups of friends, families, and corporate events. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out, a team building activity, or a memorable party, Bunker 51 has something for everyone. So why not head underground and experience the thrill of Bunker 51 for yourself?