Electric Shuffle London

Step into the future of social gaming at Electric Shuffle in London. Experience the thrill of shuffleboard like never before with innovative, electrifying gameplay. Engage in friendly competition as you navigate the LED-lit shuffleboard tables and challenge friends or family to a game. With a lively atmosphere, delectable food, and refreshing drinks, Electric Shuffle is the ultimate destination for a unique and memorable night out. Plan your visit today and discover the fusion of technology and entertainment at Electric Shuffle in London.

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Electric Shuffle: A Unique and Fun Shuffleboard Experience

Electric Shuffle Canary Wharf

In spite of the many entertainment alternatives available in London, Electric Shuffle offers one of the more distinctive experiences. Shuffleboard, a game that has been played for hundreds of years, is presented in this location in an intriguing new way. Yet Electric Shuffle gives the game a contemporary touch, generating a dynamic and lively environment that’s ideal for gatherings of friends or colleagues.

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10 Cabot Square, N Colonnade, London E14 4EY


Mon to Fri – 11:30am to 12am
Sat/Sun – 11am to 12:30am


Top Highlights

  • Shuffleboard: Electric Shuffle’s cutting-edge shuffleboard tables are the centre of attention. Everybody can enjoy this entertaining and social game, regardless of experience level.
  • Cocktails with a distinctive twist: The amazing beverage menu at Electric Shuffle is ideal for enjoying as you play. They make cocktails that are delectable and aesthetically attractive by using fresh ingredients and cutting-edge processes.
  • Party atmosphere: Electric Shuffle provides a party atmosphere that’s ideal for groups of friends or coworkers seeking for a great night out, complete with neon lighting, upbeat music, and a buzzing crowd.
  • Private booths: Electric Shuffle offers private booths for a more private experience that are ideal for small groups. Shuffleboard tables are provided in each booth so that you can play and converse privately.
  • Delicious cuisine: Electric Shuffle offers a buffet of delectable food that is ideal for sharing to fuel your shuffleboard games. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from shared platters to pizzas.
  • Events for groups: Electric Shuffle is the ideal location for gatherings including birthdays, business gatherings, and team-building exercises. They have a variety of packages to accommodate various group sizes and price ranges.

Why Go?

  • Fun and unique experience: Electric Shuffle is a fun and distinctive experience that is ideal for a night out with friends or a team-building activity with employees. Modern shuffleboard tables are available, and a vibrant, convivial atmosphere prevails.
  • Excellent cocktails: The bar at Electric Shuffle offers a delectable variety of inventive cocktails that are ideal for enjoying while you play. These talented mixologists craft delectable beverages using top-quality ingredients and cutting-edge methods.
  • Good cuisine: Electric Shuffle offers a selection of delectable food that is ideal for sharing with friends in addition to cocktails. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from shared platters to pizzas.
  • Private booths: Electric Shuffle offers private booths that are ideal for small groups if you’re seeking for a more private experience. Shuffleboard tables are provided in each booth so that you can play and converse privately.
  • Central location: Electric Shuffle is conveniently positioned in the centre of London, making it accessible from any area of the city. It’s a terrific place to visit for a fun night out whether you’re a resident or a guest.

Further Details

Shuffleboard is a game that developed in England in the 15th century. Long tables with a score section at each end were used for the game. Weighted discs, known as pucks, were pushed down the table by players using a long stick called a cue. The objective was to avoid having the pucks fall off the table’s end while getting them into the scoring area. The game gained popularity in bars and pubs and eventually spread to North America, specifically to the United States and Canada.

The traditional shuffleboard game is updated for the twenty-first century with Electric Shuffle. Canary Wharf, one of London’s most energetic neighbourhoods, is where the venue is situated. There is plenty of room for parties of all sizes in this contemporary and attractive area. There are six shuffleboard tables, and each one has a special layout and lighting that enhances the experience.

Yet the system utilised to keep score is what really makes Electric Shuffle stand out. The pucks are monitored by sensors that are installed on each table. Everyone can see how each player is performing because the scores are shown on a big screen above the table. Moreover, films and animations are displayed on the screens, enhancing the game’s enjoyment and excitement.

A fantastic assortment of food and beverages are available at Electric Shuffle for you to enjoy while you play. Traditional pub grub with a contemporary touch is offered on the menu, including loaded fries and chicken wings. Also, there are vegan and vegetarian options. There is something for everyone on the beverages menu, which offers a variety of cocktails, artisan beers, and wines.

You must make reservations in advance if you want to play shuffleboard at Electric Shuffle. It’s a good idea to make a table reservation well in advance at this location because it’s busy, especially on the weekends. You can make reservations by calling the venue directly or online through the Electric Shuffle website.

A novel and enjoyable activity, Electric Shuffle is ideal for gatherings of colleagues or friends. This London destination is a must-visit because of the contemporary version of shuffleboard, the chic setting, and the fantastic food and beverage options. Electric Shuffle is definitely worth a visit, whether you’re a lover of traditional pub games or are just seeking for a fresh way to have fun with friends.