Teamsport Go Karting London

Unleash your inner speed demon at Teamsport Go Karting London. Experience the thrill of high-speed racing on state-of-the-art tracks with professional-grade go-karts. Compete with friends, colleagues, or fellow adrenaline junkies as you navigate hairpin turns and chase victory. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a first-timer, Teamsport Go Karting London offers exhilarating fun for everyone. Plan your visit today and get ready to satisfy your need for speed in the heart of London.

There are many fun choices available in London if you’re looking for group activities. For groups looking for some high-intensity action, Bunker 51 offers an immersive and exhilarating laser tag experience. Go Ape is a well-known outdoor adventure park with thrilling activities including zip lining and obstacle courses in the trees. Visit Electric Shuffle, a distinctive shuffleboard bar with a contemporary twist, for something a little more relaxed. With roller skating, bowling, and delectable food and drink all in one location, Queens Skate Dine Bowl is a dependable choice for groups. Last but not least, Teamsport Go Karting London is a fantastic choice for competitive groups that want some friendly competition. These London activities are certain to deliver an outstanding experience, regardless of your group’s interests.

Teamsport Go Karting London

Teamsport Go Karting London

Popular indoor go-kart tracks can be found all across London at TeamSport Go Karting. The organisation wants to give racegoers of all ages and abilities a thrilling and secure racing experience. In this post, we’ll examine TeamSport Go Karting in greater detail to see what it has to offer and how it differs from other go-karting venues in the area. London is home to multiple TeamSport Go Karting facilities, including Docklands, Tower Bridge, Mitcham, and Acton. To accommodate various interests and ability levels, each venue has a range of tracks, karts, and racing alternatives.

More Details


3 Herringham Rd, London SE7 8NJ


Weekdays – 3pm to 11pm
Weekends – 9am to 11pm


Top Highlights

  • State-of-the-art electric karts: High-performance electric karts are used by TeamSport Go Karting, and they are quick, responsive, and green.
  • Challenging tracks: The tracks at TeamSport Go Karting are made to be exciting and difficult, with bends and twists that will put your driving abilities to the test.
  • Racing options: Open sessions, Grand Prix races, and endurance races are just a few of the racing alternatives that TeamSport Go Karting offers to accommodate diverse tastes and price ranges.
  • Corporate events: The business offers specialised packages catered to the requirements of each group for corporate events and team-building exercises.
  • Safety: At TeamSport Go Karting, security is of utmost importance. Strict restrictions are in place to make sure that everyone abides by the safety regulations, and qualified staff is on hand to offer first aid if necessary.
  • Affordable prices: TeamSport Go Karting offers a range of pricing options to suit different budgets, making it an affordable activity for everyone.

Why Go?

  • Fun and exciting: A thrilling activity that is sure to get your heart racing is go-karting at TeamSport. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy time with friends or family or mark a significant event.
  • All ages are welcome: All ages can participate in go-karting, making it a perfect sport for families or groups with a variety of ages.
  • Enhance your driving abilities: Go-karting is a great way to enhance your response time and hand-eye coordination when driving. In order to drive safely on the road, you can also learn about racing lines and overtaking.
  • Teambuilding: TeamSport provides specialised corporate event packages and teambuilding exercises. Go-karting is a great way to encourage cooperation, communication, and friendly competition among colleagues.
  • Convenient locations: TeamSport Go Karting is accessible from anywhere in the city thanks to its numerous venues throughout London. The facilities are also fully furnished with all the amenities and equipment required to provide a relaxing and delightful visit.

Further Details

Modern electric karts that are both quick and environmentally sustainable are employed at TeamSport Go Karting. These go-karts feature adjustable seats and pedals to ensure a comfortable fit for drivers of all sizes. They have been particularly developed to offer a smooth and responsive driving experience.

The tracks of TeamSport Go Karting are also spectacular, with difficult bends and twists that will challenge your driving prowess. The tracks have protective barriers and safety elements to reduce the possibility of accidents, making them both enjoyable and secure.

A variety of racing alternatives are available at TeamSport Go Karting to accommodate various tastes and price ranges. There are open sessions available for amateur racers where you can compete against other drivers for a certain number of laps. These activities are ideal for families or groups of friends seeking a fun day out.

TeamSport Go Karting provides a range of race forms, including Grand Prix and Endurance events, for those who prefer a more competitive racing experience. Usually, there are several heats in these events, and drivers compete with one another to post the quickest lap speeds and score points. The top drivers then proceed to participate in the championship race to decide who will prevail overall.

Corporate gatherings and team-building exercises are also catered to by TeamSport Go Karting. With possibilities for team races, timed heats, and even award ceremonies, the organisation offers specialised packages catered to the requirements of each group. These activities aim to encourage among coworkers healthy competitiveness, communication, and teamwork.

TeamSport Go Karting places a high premium on safety. There are strong regulations in place to make sure that everyone follows the safety norms, and all drivers are obliged to wear helmets and other protective gear. In the event of an accident, the personnel is additionally trained to administer first aid.

Finally, for anyone looking for a thrilling and secure racing experience in London, TeamSport Go Karting is an excellent choice. It is simple to understand why this indoor go-karting facility is so well-liked with its several sites, cutting-edge infrastructure, and selection of racing alternatives to suit all skill levels. Why not go karting at TeamSport with your friends or coworkers for a day of fast-paced fun and excitement?