Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea

Embark on a voyage of flavours with the Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea. Set sail on a culinary adventure at the legendary Cutty Sark ship, where history and indulgence intertwine. Delight your taste buds with a selection of exquisite teas, accompanied by an array of freshly baked scones, delicate sandwiches, and mouth-watering pastries. Immerse yourself in the maritime heritage of this iconic vessel while enjoying panoramic views of the River Thames. Experience a unique blend of nautical charm, fine dining, and unforgettable moments.

In London, afternoon tea is an institution, and there are many original ways to take advantage of this quintessentially British tradition. One such approach is to indulge in Afternoon Tea while enjoying a Thames Cruise, which enables you to take in the breathtaking vistas of the city’s famous monuments while sipping tea and sampling delectable delicacies. Another choice is to go to Kensington Palace, where you can have afternoon tea in The Orangery’s opulent setting. The Cutty Sark in Greenwich offers an afternoon tea experience with a nautical flair that honours the ship’s historic past. The Milestone Hotel in Kensington offers a lavish Afternoon Tea service, replete with Prosecco and a variety of rare teas, for those looking for a more opulent experience. The legendary Fortnum & Mason, where you may partake in a wholly conventional Afternoon Tea experience in one of the city’s most illustrious and historic department stores, rounds out any discussion of afternoon tea in London.

Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea

cutty sark afternoon tea

The British tea clipper Cutty Sark was constructed in 1869. It has been brought back to its previous splendour and is now a well-liked London tourist destination. The Cutty Sark afternoon tea experience is one of the most well-liked events. The lavish Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea is a special occasion that takes place in the magnificent undercroft of the ship. The gorgeous backdrop of this antique ship offers guests a selection of sweet and savoury food as well as teas. A selection of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, and a selection of little cakes and pastries are all on the menu.

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King William Walk, London SE10 9HT


12pm – 3:30 Daily


Top Highlights

  • Location: The Cutty Sark is a historic clipper ship that serves as both a distinctive place to take afternoon tea and a well-known landmark in London. This traditional British sport takes place in a setting that is remarkable thanks to the ship’s exquisite restoration.
  • Traditional Afternoon Tea: Served on elegant tiered stands, the Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea features a range of traditional finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, and a variety of pastries and desserts. Premium loose-leaf teas or freshly brewed coffee are offered with the tea.
  • Champagne: Guests can choose a glass of champagne to go with their afternoon tea for an extra special touch. A variety of well chosen champagnes are offered in the ship’s bar to enhance the experience.
  • Views: The Cutty Sark is anchored in the centre of Greenwich and offers breath-taking views of the River Thames and the neighbourhood. Tea can be savoured by visitors while they take in the stunning surroundings and observe the passing boats.
  • History: The Cutty Sark, which has sailed the oceans of the world for more than a century, has a rich history. This afternoon tea experience is a true homage to the history and legacy of the ship because the crew and cargo of the ship were originally transported by tea clippers exactly like the Cutty Sark.

Why Go?

  • Unique Experience: Taking afternoon tea on board the ancient clipper ship Cutty Sark, a well-known landmark in London, is a singular and unforgettable experience that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Traditional British Past Time: Taking afternoon tea is a centuries-old, distinctly British pastime. In a stunning and sophisticated environment, The Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea serves a delectable range of traditional sandwiches, scones, and cakes.
  • Location: The Cutty Sark is situated in one of London’s most picturesque and storied neighbourhoods, Greenwich. After your tea, you can stroll through Greenwich Park and check out the neighbouring sights, or you can explore the museum and exhibitions on the ship.
  • Views: Because the ship is anchored on the River Thames, it offers breathtaking panoramas of the waterway and its surroundings. Tea can be savoured as you take in the stunning surroundings and observe the passing boats.
  • Celebration: Having afternoon tea on the Cutty Sark is an elegant and delicious way to mark a special occasion or reward yourself. The Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea can wow guests on any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, and just a day out.

Further Details

The sandwiches are constructed with freshly baked bread and loaded with traditional British ingredients like gammon and mustard, egg and cress, and smoked salmon and cream cheese. The scones are served with copious amounts of thick clotted cream and delicious jam and are light and fluffy. With their delicate flavours and exquisite presentation, the little cakes and pastries are works of art.

The variety of conventional and speciality teas offered in the assortment of teas is very outstanding. Traditional black teas like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, as well as herbal and fruit infusions, are available for customers to select from. A glass of Champagne can be added to the experience for those who would like something a little more decadent.

A remarkable and unforgettable event, The Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea is ideal for celebrations or just as a treat. With its soaring brick arches and dramatic lighting, the ship’s undercroft makes for an incredible location. The staff is attentive and welcoming, and they ensure that visitors are well taken care of throughout their visit. The tea itself is delicious and beautifully presented.

In general, anybody visiting London must try the Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea. It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon in the city and offers the ideal fusion of history, culture, and luxury.