Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall

Discover the ultimate beer haven at the Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall. Indulge in a sensory delight of craft beers, brewed with passion and creativity. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, as you savor a wide range of unique brews, surrounded by fellow beer enthusiasts. Join us for an unforgettable experience at London’s beloved beer destination. Plan your visit to the Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall today!

Beer lovers should visit London because there are many breweries and excursions to take. The Bermondsey Beer Mile is a well-known path that passes by a number of renowned breweries, including Beavertown Brewery and Crate Brewery. While Crate Brewery is situated in a former print factory and offers a distinctive ambience, Beavertown Brewery is renowned for its inventive and experimental brews. The Fuller’s Brewery Tour is another excellent choice; it provides a look into the past and brewing process of one of London’s oldest and most renowned breweries. Last but not least, Camden Town Brewery is a cutting-edge, energetic brewery that provides tourists with a range of tours and tastings. The brewery scene in London offers a wide variety of alternatives, so there is something for everyone.

Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall

Camden Town Brewery Tour

Londoners who enjoy beer frequently visit the Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall. Jasper Cuppaidge established the brewery in 2010, and it has since established itself as a mainstay in the city’s craft beer scene. Since its debut in 2017, The Beer Hall has become a popular destination for both residents and tourists. We’ll go deeper into what makes the Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall so unique in this piece.

More Details


55-59 Wilkin Street Mews, London NW5 3ED


Fri & Sat – 12pm to 11pm
Sun to Thurs – 12pm to 10pm


Top Highlights

  • A variety of beers on tap: Sample a range of traditional and contemporary beer styles, as well as innovative and collaborative brews.
  • Airy and roomy interior: Unwind and enjoy your drink in a welcoming and cosy setting.
  • Large terrace with food trucks: Enjoy excellent food from neighbourhood vendors while taking in the sights and sounds of Camden on the spacious outdoor patio with food trucks.
  • Frequent live comedy and music performances: Have a good time dancing and laughing the night away with a range of outstanding performers.
  • Qualified and enthusiastic staff: With the assistance of knowledgeable and passionate staff, learn more about the brewing process and explore new brews.

Why Go?

  • Behind the scenes tour: Take a tour of a brewery to see how the acclaimed beers manufactured by Camden Town Brewery are created.
  • Camden Comedy Club: Find the next great thing in comedy at the Camden Comedy Club while having a drink with friends.
  • Private hire options: Have an amazing gathering at the Beer Hall to stylishly commemorate your significant occasion.
  • Bustling Camden neighbourhood: Visit and learn about one of London’s most dynamic neighbourhoods.
  • Sustainable and ethical: Feel good about supporting a brewery that considers the environment and the community when you consider sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Further Details

The Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall is situated right in the centre of Camden, a thriving and busy North London borough. The Beer Hall itself has a distinctive and industrial air because it is housed in a rebuilt railway arch. There is enough of seating for big groups or lone individuals throughout the roomy, open atmosphere. Concrete floors, white walls, and exposed bricks make up the minimalist décor.

The spacious outside patio is one of the Beer Hall’s most notable features. Visitors can take in the views of the Camden Lock and the busy street below while sipping their beverages here in the sunshine. A number of food trucks operate off of the terrace, serving everything from burgers to vegan food. It’s a fantastic place to hang out with friends on the weekends or for an after-work drink because of the place’s laid-back environment.

Of course, the beer itself is the major attraction at the Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall. The on-site brewery is well recognised for its assortment of traditional and contemporary beer varieties. Lagers, ales, IPAs, and stouts are among the variety of beers available on tap, which is constantly changing. There is always something fresh to try because there are often seasonal and limited-edition beers available.

The Beer Hall provides a variety of experimental and group brews in addition to the traditional beers. For instance, they have worked with nearby companies like Crosstown Doughnuts and Pizza Pilgrims to develop distinctive beer flavours. The staff members are informed and enthusiastic about beer, therefore they are always happy to provide advice or provide information on the brewing process.

The Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall serves as a focal point for neighbourhood events and activities in addition to being a location to enjoy beer. Regular comedy shows, live music events, and even yoga sessions are held at the location. In addition, they provide brewery tours where guests can sample some of the beers directly from the tanks while learning about the brewing process.

The monthly Camden Comedy Club is one of the most well-attended events in the Beer Hall. It’s usually a good time and a colourful evening at this showcase for upcoming comics. The location is perfect for a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding reception because it is also accessible for private use.

For beer enthusiasts in London, the Camden Town Brewery Beer Hall is a must-visit location. It’s no surprise that it’s become such a popular place given its ideal location, large beer selection, and laid-back vibe. The Beer Hall has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a night of live entertainment or a quiet drink with friends. So make sure to swing by and try some of their acclaimed beers the next time you’re in Camden!