Crate Brewery Tour

Experience the craft beer revolution with the Crate Brewery Tour. Step into our world of artisanal brewing, where passion meets innovation. Uncover the secrets behind our unique brews and witness the magic of our brewery process. Join us for an immersive and flavourful journey. Book your Crate Brewery Tour now and savour the taste of handcrafted excellence.

Beer lovers should visit London because there are many breweries and excursions to take. The Bermondsey Beer Mile is a well-known path that passes by a number of renowned breweries, including Beavertown Brewery and Crate Brewery. While Crate Brewery is situated in a former print factory and offers a distinctive ambience, Beavertown Brewery is renowned for its inventive and experimental brews. The Fuller’s Brewery Tour is another excellent choice; it provides a look into the past and brewing process of one of London’s oldest and most renowned breweries. Last but not least, Camden Town Brewery is a cutting-edge, energetic brewery that provides tourists with a range of tours and tastings. The brewery scene in London offers a wide variety of alternatives, so there is something for everyone.

Crate Brewery Tour

Crate Brewery

Popular London brewery Crate Brewery gives tours to those who wish to learn more about the brewing process and the brewery’s history. Visitors may immerse themselves in the world of beer brewing with the Crate Brewery Tour. Visitors will gain knowledge of the brewery’s past, the brewing procedure, and the various kinds of beer made at Crate Brewery. Experienced tour guides who are enthusiastic about beer and willing to impart their knowledge with guests lead the journey.

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Unit 7 Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN


Sun to Thurs – 12pm to 11pm
Fri/Sat – 12pm to 1am


Top Highlights

  • Learn about the brewing process: Guests will receive a thorough explanation of the steps involved in making beer, from the components used to the final product.
  • See the brewery: Guests can take a tour of the Crate Brewery building and see the mash tun, fermenters, and bottling line up close.
  • Taste delicious beer: At the conclusion of the tour, guests will get the chance to sample some of Crate Brewery’s mouth-watering brews.
  • Knowledgeable guides: Experienced tour guides who are passionate about beer and want to impart their knowledge on visitors lead the tour.
  • Sustainability: Visitors can learn about Crate Brewery’s attempts to lessen their environmental effect because they are dedicated to sustainability.

Why Go?

  • Unique experience: For beer lovers or anybody searching for an engaging and educational activity, the Crate Brewery Tour delivers a singular experience.
  • Local beer: Crate Brewery is renowned for using ingredients that are produced locally, making it a perfect place to try some of London’s best brews.
  • Restaurant: Crate Brewery runs a well-known eatery that offers wonderful food cooked using products that are acquired locally. Before or after their brewery tour, guests can eat.
  • Location: The brewery is situated in East London’s Hackney Wick, a thriving and artistic district that is worth exploring.
  • Gift shop: Crate Brewery has t-shirts and pint glasses for sale, making it a fantastic spot to get unusual mementos.

Further Details

Visitors will have the chance to see the brewery’s machinery, including the mash tun, the fermenters, and the bottling line, during the tour. Visitors will gain knowledge of the many components used in brewing, such as yeast, hops, and malt. The many steps in the brewing process, from mashing to fermentation to bottling, will also be covered.

Visitors will have the chance to sample some of Crate Brewery’s beers at the conclusion of the tour. Also, they will be able to buy Crate Brewery apparel, including t-shirts, pint glasses, and other beer-related goods.

The Crate Brewery was established in 2012 by Tom Seaton and Neil Hinchley. The brewery is situated in East London’s thriving and artistic area of Hackney Wick. The brewery has now moved onto a larger location after being situated in an old printing plant in the past.

Known for its dedication to sustainability, Crate Brewery. The brewery uses renewable energy sources in addition to locally sourced ingredients. They also recycle and reuse their effluent using a closed-loop system.

Crate Brewery not only makes beer but also runs a renowned restaurant. The eatery offers a selection of meals cooked using ingredients found locally that go well with the brews from Crate Brewery.

The Crate Brewery Tour is a great way to learn about the brewing process and have some tasty beer, all things considered. The trip is led by informed instructors who are enthusiastic about beer and keen to impart their knowledge to guests. The Crate Brewery Tour is really worthwhile, whether you’re a beer fan or just searching for a fun and interesting thing to do in London.