IWM Churchill War Rooms

Discover the secrets of Churchill’s wartime bunker at the IWM Churchill War Rooms. Explore the underground complex and see where Churchill and his cabinet led Britain to victory. Book tickets online today and step back in time to one of the most important moments in modern history.

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IWM Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms London

In the centre of London, the IWM Churchill War Rooms provides visitors with an intriguing glimpse into the covert underground facility where Winston Churchill and his cabinet oversaw Britain’s participation in World War II. The War Rooms were initially constructed as a covert underground headquarters for the British government in case of an air raid, but they were later transformed into a museum that details the history of the conflict and the crucial role that Churchill and his team played in ensuring the Allies’ victory.

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King Charles St, London SW1A 2AQ


Weekdays – 9:30am to 6pm
Weekends – 9:30am to 6pm


Top Highlights

  • The Cabinet War Rooms: Churchill and his cabinet oversaw the war effort from this underground bunker. The real spaces where Churchill worked and made important decisions are open to visitors.
  • The Map Room: The Map Room was where the war’s development was monitored and military intelligence was analysed. The original maps and tools used by the military commanders are on display for visitors.
  • Churchill’s bedroom: Visitors can visit Churchill’s real bedroom, where he worked and slept throughout the war.
  • The Churchill Museum: The Churchill Museum is a comprehensive museum including interactive exhibits and personal items that is devoted to Winston Churchill’s life and legacy.
  • The on-site cafe: The museum’s cafe offers a selection of snacks and drinks for visitors to enjoy while they take a break from sightseeing.

Why Go?

  • Historical significance: The War Rooms were crucial to how World War II turned out, and going there is a special chance to experience this significant period in history.
  • Educational value: The museum provides a lot of knowledge on Churchill, the conflict, and the government’s operations during the time. It’s a fantastic location to learn about history and comprehend more fully the occasions that influenced the world.
  • Unique experience: Visiting the exact chambers where Churchill worked while walking through the underground complex is a memorable adventure that is unlike anything else.
  • Cultural significance: Winston Churchill is a significant historical figure in both British and international history, and the museum offers a fascinating look into his life and legacy.
  • Family-friendly: The museum provides engaging displays and activities for visitors of all ages, making it a terrific location for families and anybody with a historical interest.

Further Details

The underground section of the museum is open to visitors, and it contains a number of significant places, including Churchill’s bedroom, the Map Room, and the Cabinet War Rooms. The Cabinet War Rooms, located in the centre of the underground complex, were the hub of the British government’s operations during the conflict. Military intelligence was gathered, examined, and the direction of the conflict was planned in the Map Room.

The Churchill Museum, which is housed at the War Rooms and gives visitors a thorough overview of Churchill’s life and legacy, is one of the building’s most spectacular attractions. Many interactive exhibits, including audio recordings of Churchill’s speeches, personal items, and historical documents, can be found in the museum.

The War Rooms also provide a number of additional events and activities throughout the year, such as talks, tours, and workshops, in addition to the major displays. The on-site cafe, which provides a selection of drinks and snacks, is also open to visitors.

In general, everyone interested in the history of World War II or the life of Winston Churchill should visit the IWM Churchill War Rooms. The museum offers an experience like no other because to its distinctive setting and outstanding collection, and the chance to see the underground complex where Churchill and his crew helped lead Britain to victory is an opportunity that should not be missed.