Hampton Court Palace

Step into history at Hampton Court Palace. Explore Tudor grandeur, stunning gardens, and royal secrets at this iconic London attraction. Plan your visit today!

London, a historically significant city, is delighted to display its enduring landmarks. Admire the regal splendour of Buckingham Palace, the British monarch’s official residence, which is noted for its imposing façade and the ritual of the Changing of the Guard. Discover the Crown Jewels and wander through its historic battlements as you explore the Tower of London, a fortification with a colourful history. Enjoy the stunning views from the Golden Gallery of the St. Paul’s Cathedral‘s soaring dome, which dominates the skyline of the city. Enter the revered spaces of Westminster Abbey, a historic abbey cathedral where British kings and queens are crowned and interred. Finally, visit Hampton Court Palace to experience the splendour and intrigue of Henry VIII’s reign. It is a magnificent Tudor house with magnificently planted gardens. These iconic locations represent London’s rich legacy and offer tourists from all over the world enthralling experiences.

Hampton Court Palace: A Journey into Tudor Opulence and Royal Splendour

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace, which is perched on the banks of the River Thames, serves as a living reminder of the splendour and intrigue of England’s Tudor and Stuart ages. This famous palace, which can be found not far from London, has a long history that weaves together the biographies of famous people who helped to determine the course of the country, including kings and queens. Hampton Court Palace provides tourists an immersive trip through time, revealing the mysteries of its royal past, from its majestic architecture and wonderfully landscaped grounds to its notorious haunted folklore.

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Hampton Ct Way, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU


Weds to Sun – 10am to 6pm
Mon/Tues – Closed


Top Highlights

  • Tudor Architecture: Admire the magnificent Tudor construction, which includes the Great Hall’s magnificent hammer-beam ceiling and the Tudor Kitchens, where old recipes come to life.
  • The Haunted Gallery: Visit the spooky Haunted Gallery, which is renowned for ghost sightings, particularly those of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife.
  • King’s and Queen’s Apartments: Explore the lavish interiors of the King’s Apartments and Queen’s State Apartments to get a glimpse into the private life of the aristocracy.
  • Magnificent Gardens: Explore the palace’s renowned gardens, which blend formal and casual architecture and include the stunning Privy Garden and the peaceful Wilderness Garden.
  • Hampton Court Palace Flower Show: Attend the acclaimed annual Hampton Court Palace Flower Show to celebrate horticulture and landscape design in the picturesque grounds of the palace.

Why Go?

  • Maze and Magic Garden: Get lost in the well-known Hampton Court Palace Maze before visiting the charming Magic Garden, a children’s play area that was inspired by the palace’s past.
  • The Georgian Story: Learn about the palace’s lesser-known Georgian features, which are a reflection of the period’s architectural inspirations and its relationship to the Hanoverian kings.
  • Costumed Tours and Living History: Immerse yourself in history with costumed tours and living history performances, which bring the history of the palace to life via exciting re-enactments.
  • River Thames Cruise: Take a leisurely River Thames cruise for a picturesque approach to the palace and a special view of this important historical site from the water.
  • Twilight Tours and Ghost Tours: Join a Twilight Tour to explore the palace after hours in a magnificent setting, or a Ghost Tour to see the spookier side of Hampton Court’s tales.

Further Details

The construction of Hampton Court Palace began in the early 16th century under the direction of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, the powerful Lord Chancellor of King Henry VIII. The palace was given to the king, however, as a result of Wolsey’s failure to get an annulment for Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s union. Hampton Court saw major repairs and additions while in Henry’s ownership, turning it into a magnificent royal mansion.

The lavishness and skilfulness of Hampton Court Palace’s Tudor architecture are evident. The Great Hall is the room’s focal point, with its beautifully carved hammer-beam ceiling. Additionally, visitors can explore the Tudor Kitchens, where talented chefs showcase vintage recipes and offer insights into the delicacies of the time.

The Haunted Gallery, where countless guests and palace workers have claimed frightening sightings and unexplained happenings, is one of Hampton Court Palace’s most notorious features. The fifth wife of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, is claimed to be a ghost who roams the gallery looking for solace from her tragic death.

The Queen’s State Apartments and the King’s Apartments provide a window into the royal families’ personal lives. Discover the lavish bedchamber of the King, where Henry VIII once slept, and be amazed by the exquisitely furnished Queen’s apartments, which depict the sumptuous lifestyle of the Tudor and Stuart queens.

The magnificent grounds at Hampton Court Palace have a blend of formal and informal design elements. Take a stroll through the Wilderness Garden’s serene atmosphere or the Privy Garden’s Baroque-inspired design. Be sure to attend the renowned Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, an annual horticulture festival hosted on the palace’s gardens.

Hampton Court Palace was a favourite residence of succeeding kings and queens over the years. Additional enlargements and alterations during the Georgian era increased the palace’s architectural variety. Hampton Court Palace is still a fascinating destination today, giving tourists a peek into the lives of the former royal residents.

History buffs, garden lovers, and anybody interested in the mystique of the past will find Hampton Court Palace to be a treasure trove of history, art, and spooky folklore. The palace’s magnificence transports visitors to a bygone period as they stroll through its luxurious halls and stunning grounds, where the echoes of monarchy and the stories of long-lost ghosts mix to create an amazing and immersive trip through Tudor richness and royal splendour.